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Custom made Corporate Jumping Castles and Infatables
Do you need a custom made corporate
Jumping Castle or Inflatable?
Jumping Castle     Inflatable

Description of custom made
jumping castle/infatable, approximate size,
colours, shape, company logo and other details:


Jumping Castles for Sale
70 Circus Bounce Town
72 Dalmation
74 Helibouncer (old)
76 Rainbow Waterslide
78 Tumble Mountain
80 Adventure Tunnel
82 Princess Bouncer
84 Nemo

71 Titanic 2
73 Donald Duck
75 Mickey & Minnie Theme
77 Telly Tubby
79 Sky Dancers
81 Jumping Ball Pond Combo
83 Gladiator Splash Slide


Existing Jumping Castles 1 - 45 are for sale as well as for hire.
1 Jumbo Bouncer
3 Boxing Ring
5 Pirate Ship
7 Tots Bouncer
9 Airborne Adventure
11 Gladiator Combo
13 Funslide
15 Tropical Activity Castle
17 Princess
19 Pirate Adventure Ship
21 Jumping Ball Castle
23 Junior Combo Gladiator
24A Splash Slide - all ages and adults
26 Skydancer
28 Playzone Castle
30 Ball Cube
32 Fairy Castle
34 Foam pit
36 Sumo Wrestler - 1 - 10 years
37 Freddy's Fire Truck
39 Soccer Ball
41 Twin Slide
43 The Challenger
45 G Rock Slide

2 Human Pool Table
4 Fun House
6 Little Princess
8 Ball Pond
10 Supa Bouncer
12 Tots Pool Bouncer
14 Bounceland
16 Tropical Gladiator
18 Gladiator Pool Slide
20 Junior Super Slide
22 Activity Castle
24 Splash Slide - 1-12 years
25 Surf and Slide
27 Super Fun Bouncer
29 Gladiator Superslide
31 Domed tent
33 Spyderman
35 Tumble House Combo
36A Sumo Wrestler - adults
38 Spotty Dog
40 Wacky Water Slide
42 Caspar's Friends
44 Adventure Zone


58 Bubble Machine  
Fun Rides for Sale Fun Foods for Sale

50 Jolly Ride Swings (children)
50A Joy Ride Swings (teenagers)
52 Quad Bikes


54 Candy Floss Machine
54a Candy Floss - Flavouring, sticks, sugar
55 Pop Corn Machine
55a Pop Corn Seeds, oil, packets


Additional information, comments, details: