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Button Badge Machines
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button badgfe machine 150

Machine 150

Manufactures 56mm button badges at a rate of 1 badge every
24 seconds. This machine includes:

  • 250 set of badge components
  • Handy circular cutter and glass plate
  • CDROM with badge templates

This machine comes with a

button badge machine 500

Machine 500

Manufactures button badges at a rate of 500 per hour.

  • base (machine all metal)
  • instruction manual

This machine comes with a


Button Badge Cutters and Punches

metal circle cutterMetal
Circle Cutter

Green cutting mat included

Self Healing Cutting Mat
212mm x 275mm

plastic handy circle cutter

Plastic Handy Circle Cutter
Glass plate included

   NEW PROFESSIONAL CUTTER               JAN 2014

Professional Cutter


550 Professional Cutter

Badge Die sizes available for this machine 25mm,37mm, 56mm, 75mm
(NOT included with the cutter - order size needed)

   NEW ID PHOTO PUNCH                     JAN 2014

ID Photo Punch

ID Photo Die cutter punch
50mm x 50mm

   NEW QUICK PUNCH                         JAN 2014

Quick Punch

1" / 25mm Quick punch ( Item QP100/109200 )

1½" / 37mm Quick punch ( Item QP150/109200 )


Circle Punch

2¼" / 56mm Circle punch ( Item CP225/269360 )

Effecient, easy, quick cutting for making button badges.

Badge a Minit Machine

Desk Press and Circel Cutter2¼" Bench Press Kit with 100 badge parts
 Includes - bench press, assembly ring set, 100 sets of pin-back button sets

Bench Press Kit Combo 1¼" and 2¼"
Includes - assembley ring set for both sizes, 100 sets of pin-back button sets for both sizes

Button Builder Pro Software

Button Builder Pro

Software to create your own Button badges!
This software program includes over 8,000 pieces of clipart, provided by Nova Development Corporation, along with the template to create your own original 30mm, 56mm and 75mm button designs for your Badge-A-Minit button -making equipment.

Create your own artwork on your own computer!
Drop your own clipart into the templates!

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